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Product Range

UBB International Trading Pte Ltd,is an exciting start-up company that has brought in a line of safe yet reliable transport for children that are fun and engaging. It has been established in the scene of wholesaling and retail, dwelling in the importing and exporting of various makes of baby strollers. The local market needs an upscale stroller selection for kids because the current avenues have an inadequate selection. The company will bring in an unmatched, extensive selection of different kinds of strollers, from the most fundamental yet functional, to the higher-end models coupled with many features. We will remain committed to the original aim of offering quality products at competitive prices while, at the same time, providing an excellent service.


It is UBB International Trading Pte Ltd's mission to offer a myriad of the highest quality strollers available. The more children and parents that benefit from the safety and functionality of our strollers, the more successful we are. Adhering to this maxim would bring the company towards the right direction. The company's business culture revolves around consumer sovereignty and we do not just force-sell. Having the right business attitude is vital and this would be part of our corporate strategy to set ourselves apart from competitors.


The objectives we aim for include :
  • To create a product-based wholesale avenue whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations.
  • To offer innovative, safe yet functional strollers and accessories.
  • To improve the learning curve for children through the use of interactive strollers.